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Abseil Window Cleaning

Abseiling Window Cleaning Services in Manchester, Liverpool & The North West

Abseiling Window Cleaning

Manchester, Liverpool & The North West

Abseiling Window CleanerDepending on the height of your building, if it is impossible to clean from the floor, Abseil window cleaning may be the only option to clean the windows of your building.

Safety & Qualifications

Our team are trained to the British Standard Tag Abseil Supervisor Level, meaning that they’re more than qualified to undertake the task in a safe manner. We will discuss what we are going to do beforehand, and full risk assessments and method statements will be provided before any work commences.

Protecting Your Building

Abseil window cleaning, in addition to cleaning windows which are otherwise inaccessible, allows us to notice any small issues early on which could potentially develop into large scale problems. Damage or degradation to window ledges or panes, for example, can be noted allowing you to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

The only product we use on your windows is pure, filtered water, meaning there will be no greasy marks to spoil your view. This also means that your ledges and sills won’t be damaged, which can sometimes happen when using chemicals during the cleaning process. It’s also environmentally friendly and wont harm any decorative foliage surrounding the building.

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We can provide rope access window cleaning services for commercial properties, so whether you’re enquiring regarding an office building or block of flats, we can cater to your needs.

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